Far North West Joint Organisation Board


The membership of the Far North West Joint Organisation (FNWJO) comprises the three (3) Shire Councils of Bourke, Cobar and Walgett. In total the Joint Organisation covers an area of some 110,000 square kilometers. This area equates to some 13.5% of the total area of the State of NSW.


The strong contribution of mining, agriculture and tourism are major social and economic characteristics of the Far North West region.


The region supports major environmental resources of NSW including a large portion of the Barwon/Darling River Catchment. This catchment covers 13% of the Murray Darling Basin and has as its tributaries Border Rivers, Moonie, Culgoa (Condamine), Bokhara, Gwydir, Namoi, Castlereagh, Macquarie and Bogan rivers and the Paroo and Warrego rivers in high flow years. The Barwon–Darling River system extends downstream to the Menindee Lakes.


The Board of the Far North West Joint Organisation comprises the Mayors of the three (3) member Councils, being:


• Clr Lilliane Brady OAM, Mayor Cobar Shire Council and Chairperson;

• Clr Barry Holman, Mayor Bourke Shire Council; and

• Clr Manuel Martinez, Mayor Walgett Shire Council.


The Board also comprises non – voting members, being:


• The General Managers of Bourke, Cobar and Walgett Shire Councils; and,

• The Central and Far West Region Director of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.


The Far North West Joint Organisation Board is supported by the Interim Executive Officer (IEO), Mr Peter Vlatko, General Manager Cobar Shire Council. The IEO is responsible for the day to day management of the JO in accordance with the regional priorities and other programs, strategies and policies of the Organisation.


The Far North West Joint Organisation elevates the shared priorities of its member councils Community Strategic Plans, programs, priorities and policies to perform three principle functions in the Far West Region, with these Functions being: Strategic planning and priority setting/ Inter- governmental collaboration/ Shared leadership and advocacy. 

The Board of the Far North West Joint Organisation in considering the strategic direction of the Joint Organisation and the region have developed and adopted its Vision …………A vast region of diversity and opportunity that cares for its people and environment.

The Far North West JO Statement of Strategic Regional Priorities

The Far North West Joint Organisation embarked on a process in October 2018 to develop its initial Statement of Strategic Regional Priorities.

This process involved surveys and interviews with all Member Councils to identify both their local and regional priorities, challenges and opportunities. A desk top audit of relevant plans and documents from all levels of government was completed to ensure that the plan integrates with and is aligned to the priorities of the NSW State Plan.

The planning process culminated in a planning workshop attended by the Mayors and General Managers of the Member Councils, NSW State Agency representatives and Joint Organisation staff in December 2018. The draft plan was also reviewed by the Western Region Regional Leadership Executive (RLE) of the NSW Government in February 2019. A subsequent session was held with the Board in February 2019 when the final plan was adopted.

A copy of the adopted plan is available here.

The Far North West Charter


In accordance with the Local Government Act and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2008, Joint Organisations must prepare their own Charter.

The Charter guides the operation of and the governance principles for, in this case, the Far North West Joint Organisation.

The initial Charter of the FNWJO was adopted on 23 October 2018.

The Charter will be reviewed every two years at the time of the election of the Chair and as required as the Organisation develops, by resolution of the Board.

The operation and governance principles of the Far North West Joint Organisation are guided by the JO’s adopted Charter.

You can find a copy of the Charter here


Statement of Revenue Policy

Joint Organisations are required to adopt a Statement of Revenue Policy. The Revenue Policy is set in accordance with the Local Government Act. The initial Revenue Policy, inclusive of a four (4) year budget for the FNWJO, being for the 2019/2020 Financial Year period, was adopted by the Board at its meeting held on 29 May 2019. A copy of the Policy/Budget can be downloaded here.